Providing river cruises of the Amazon, it offers a range of vessels, and regularly scheduled, guaranteed, departures. Though Amazon Clipper Cruises offers, and commands, regular departures, on Monday and Wednesday of each week, it also hosts, and assists, in providing specialized river tours or jungle adventures and outfits to the popular "Carnival Amazon" in Parintins. The Amazon, being the world's largest, most fragile, and debatably most important ecosystem never fails to leave the most favorable impression on those who visit.Amazon Clipper Cruises offers three distinctly Amazonian boats for your touring pleasure. 

Each boat has unique characteristics, however, each provides the tourist with the ultimate in safety, comfort, and reliability. All the cruises have double air conditioned cabins with bunk berths and private toilet facilities, covered saloon with dinning area, bar and library. Panoramic sundeck with 360º panoramic views. The meals are prepared with the material brought from Manaus and the main course is formed by the fishes caught during the tour.


Departure from landing-stage at 14:30h. Presentation on board of staff, route and facilities. Welcome drink. Navigation past Manaus to the Xiborena region. Canoe trip in smaller creeks to see life on the flood plains: jute, market-garden produce, rubber trees, as well as flood plain forest and lakes with giant water lilies (in season). This trip returns after sunset, so that we can observe nightlife, including caimans. Navigations up the Amazon (the upper part of it called Solimões by the natives) to lake Janauaca. Dinner on the way.

Early morning canoe trip for bird watching. There are good chances of seeing Hoatzins and large flocks of Egrets and Cormorants. Breakfast. Visit to the inhabitants of the lake who live from manioc plantations, fishing, diverse fruit trees, rubber, Brazil-nut trees, wood and other extractive products. Walk in the forest with commentaries by the specialist. Lunch. Navigation. Fishing for piranhas and other types of fish. Dinner. Night trip to see nocturnal animals, sometimes including nighthawk, snakes, toro-rats, sloths and frogs. Navigation downstream on the Amazon.

Early morning bird-watching trip in the Janauary Ecological Park and nearby waterways. Breakfast. Navigation to the "Meeting of the Waters". Observation. Navigation back to Manaus with views of the floating docks, market, old customhouse and houses on stilts, to the Hotel Tropical landing stage arriving at 11:30 am. End of services.


Departure from landing stage at 14:30h. Presentation on board of the staff, route and facilities. Welcome drink. Navigation upstream to the Pagodão river (tributary of the Negro). Canoe trip shortly before sunset, returning after dark, with the possibility of observing nocturnal animals and perceiving the change in the forest as night falls. Dinner.
Breakfast. Walk in the forest with commentaries by the specialist. Observation of the flora. Visit to a "Caboclo" family. Chance to see the local way of life. Lunch. Navigation through the Anavilhanas, the world's largest fresh water archipelago, more then 1000 miles from the ocean. Dinner. Night trip to see caimans and possibility frogs, sloths, snakes , and other species, depending on the season.
Visit to the village of Novo Airão, with its handcraft boat yards, sawmills, market and other activities. Lunch. Navigation to Praia Grande or another white sand beach.
Swimming if conditions permit, and observation of the vegetation of sandy areas. Canoe trip in the lake Acajatuba or adjacent lake domains to see typical flora ( rubber trees, Brazil nuts, useful palm trees of various types ). Fishing for piranhas. Dinner. Night trip to observe caimans. Navigation.
Lake Janauary and Eco-reserve, Canoe trip at sunrise for bird watching, discovering the flood plain forest and lakes with giant water lilies (in season). Breakfast. Navigation to the "Meeting of the Waters". Return to the Tropical Hotel landing stage, with fine views of Manaus' waterfront. Arrivals at 11:30h. End of services.


Being the sum of the two other trips, this cruise gets people acquainted with the two different "Amazonas" (white waters and black waters). Passengers board on Monday remain on board until Saturday. Care is taken to minimize repetition in the area of "The Meeting of the Waters" and Janauary lake.


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