The Amazon is a natural wonder that supplies over half the planetís oxygen and pours enough water into the Atlantic each day to supply a city of 10 million inhabitants for a period of nine years. 6,700 kilometres (4,200 miles) of river that support 1,500 types of fish; is over flown by 1,800 species of birds; shadowed from its bank by 250 different mammals and a similar diversity of animals and insects.

Manaus, the major gateway to the Amazon Jungle, can be reached daily by flights from most of the main Brazilian cities or - at a more relaxed and leisurely pace - by flying to Belém, at the mouth of the Amazon, and taking a cruise up to Manaus, passing through the heart of the Amazon. It is also popular for the larger luxury liners to call on Manaus and treat the passengers to some of the wondrous sites of the Amazon.

From Manaus, visitors can strike out to stay at a comfortable selection of lodges that nestle in the very heart of the jungle. An experience nobody will ever forget. The North covers 39.07% of Brazil and contains 6% of the population who live in the states of Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima and Tocantins.